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Large and very deep Recto-vaginal DIE with rectal involvment

Posted by on 3:57 pm in Bowel surgery, Endometriosis surgery | 0 comments

32 years old infertile patient for 6 years and h/o 2 laparoscopic surgery for treatment of endometrioma which was drained laparoscopically and increasing pelvic pain, for treatment see the video

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Rectovaginal fistula due to rectal lesion at subtotal hysterectomy

Posted by on 7:54 am in Bowel surgery, complications, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Other laparoscopic procedure | 0 comments

The video demonstrates the management of a rectum lesion after a subtotal hysterectomy in an ambulatory setting. The patient was demonstrated 16 days after surgery due to stool rinsing out of the cervix. An emergency intervention was performed. The difficult decision was to decide if a primary closure of the lesion is possible or should a rectum resection with external anus be performed in this...

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5 mm Laparoscopic trocar site herniation

Posted by on 9:17 am in Other laparoscopic procedure | 0 comments

Trocar site herniation in 5 mm entry area on left side. patient came in with local pain and small bulge with cough

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Laparoscopic excision of fairly large left paratubal cyst

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this 16 years old youg lady was referred because of persistent left ovarian cyst unresponsive to 3 month of OCP treatment

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Laparoscopic retrieval of Perforated IUD

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This IUD which was placed by a Gynecologist was followed with some bleeding and cramps for couple weeks, a month latter patent requested removal of IUD, ultrasound revealed empty IU cavity and flat plate x-ray revealed IUD in peritoneal cavity

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